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The economic base of the area is in the Agriculture and the Automotive industries. Canada's first automotive plant was built by Henry Ford in Windsor in 1904 and since that time, vast development has taken place, with Windsor hosting GM, Ford and DaimlerChrysler and many huge auto-parts fabricators. 

What does the future hold? Recently the CEO of GM stated that U/S. health-care labor costs amount to $1,500 per car for American manufacturing, whereas for Canadian production, (because of the National Health Plan), such costs are negligible. This, plus many other factors, make Canadian production a much more economic proposition. So steady growth in this sector is expected, as more and more plants move here. 

Economic activity is supported by Municipal, Provincial and Federal governments, and new businesses of any kind (no matter how small), are warmly welcomed. So if you are setting up shop in Windsor, you'll find lots of help available. Take a look at some of the sources below!