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Relocation, Mortgages and More!


In this section, we collect together a number of elements that we think you might want to know about, chief among them, relocation and mortgages, but also much more!


A few hopeful thoughts
about the dreaded “R-Word”


In the entire history of the human race there are relatively few accounts of people actually enjoying relocation. In most such cases it was to leave a totally oppressive life situation for a new and better one. For the rest of the people, it has been primarily an experience of stress and difficulty, somewhat akin to being a plant which is pulled out of the soil, roots and all, transported to a new locale and then shoved into the ground. Plants don't enjoy it much, and neither do people.  


Fortunately, much has been learned about how to relocate with the minimum of stress and difficulty.
We have worked with many clients who have relocated to Windsor from all parts of the world! We have collected some of the most helpful “relocation wisdom” and put it in one short, simple, very practical FREE report (Report R1) entitled: 


Here are some of the helpful items covered: 


• Understanding the WORRIES and ANXIETIES that arise; knowing how to deal with them
• Getting the TIMING right so that things flow smoothly, one after another
• Involving your CHILDREN in new home selection, the move itself, everything!
• Picking a property with access to the right SCHOOLS
• Paying attention to DETAILS, such as throwing things out, organizing activities, informing everyone of your move, phones and Internet connections and so on.
• Deciding about SHIPPING: leaving things
• Dealing with MOVERS: simple if you get the right people, a horror story if not!



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• Arranging that your PETS make the move with the least trauma to them 

For your copy of Report R1: Please call us at (519) 972-3888 or cell (519) 919-2398 

MORTGAGES: Maggie herself spent three years as a Mortgage Broker, so she feels she can give our clients good guidance on this important subject. She is also backed up by Mortgage Specialists from varies banks and financial institutions, so as a team we can serve you very completely. Here are several mortgage-related calculators that will help you get a general sense of what the choices are:

Mortgage Loan Calculator: Find out what your payments will be over various mortgage periods

Land Transfer Tax Calculator: Tells you exactly the amount payable on your proposed transaction. 

Market Information: Online information to give you a sense of the current pulse of the market. Some of this is U.S. based, but the U.S. and Canadian Real Estate Markets are linked in certain ways, so it may be helpful to know what is going on in the U.S. also. 

Today's Real Estate News: Daily Real Estate news for this neighborhood, Ontario and the U.S. 

Top National Real Estate Web Sites: Real Estate Web Sites that include some unique sources of realty information, listings, and more 

DIRECT LINKS: Direct Real Estate links to web sites mentioned in this Windsor and Essex County web site 

NUMBER1EXPERTS: List of all the NUMBER1EXPERT Real Estate agents and realty professionals and brokers in the USA and Canada with links to their personal web sites with homes for sale 

Real Estate Tips: The Maggie Chen realty library of Real Estate tips and advice on everything from preparing your home for sale to negotiating with home buyers to escrow, closing costs, property inspections, and mortgage brokers 

Real Estate Trivia: The Maggie Chen collection of Real Estate trivia questions and answers that include Real Estate topics such as the most expensive home, largest swimming pool, and more 

Real Estate Dictionary: Complete Real Estate dictionary and glossary of realty words you'll use when you list and sell your Windsor and Esssex County property, including legal terms definitions, and more