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Things To Do In Windsor and Essex County! 


The Windsor area offers a great combination of widely different appeals. If you want a medium-sized Metropolitan area with a full range of city facilities—that’s right here! If you want a huge city, with all its associated attractions, then you’ll find Detroit a mere fifteen minutes away by bridge or tunnel. And if you want real small-town life, it’s here too, in a number of nearby towns with a really short downtown-Windsor commute.  

If you have school-age children, they will be served by an excellent educational system. If you enjoy the outdoors, there are great sports facilities and mile after mile of waterfront Then too, the cultural life offers you all kinds of possibilities, on both sides of the border And if once in a while you want to kick up your heels and gamble a bit, you have an International Casino or the horses at Windsor Raceway. So check out the overall facilities through the helpful information at each of the following links:




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