Meet Maggie's Team



maggie chen, broker of record / team leader
Maggie Chen
Broker/Team Leader

I realized early on in my Real Estate career that I would only succeed if my clients were totally happy and satisfied with my handling of their transactions. So I dedicated myself to that alone, and it has worked out very well for everyone. In this last year I have averaged almost one sale or purchase a week, so you see one of the things I am able to do is to get results for my clients! 

I started out as a Teacher! As my picture and name might suggest, I was born in China and received my Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of Xiangtan. Then, for four years I taught English at the Wuhan Institute of Technology before setting off on the long trip to Windsor Ontario. I then spent two years at the University of Windsor gaining my Master's Degree in Education, equipping me for a Canadian teaching career. 

Commercial life is somehow in my blood, and instead of teaching, I got a job as a mortgage broker, and for three years learned everything I could about property valuations, different financing situations and the mortgages suitable for each. Even more importantly, I learned how to get the right mortgage at the lowest possible net cost. I found it fascinating, but longed for a situation in which I would work more completely with clients. So I studied and became a licensed Real Estate agent. 

Because of my background in mortgages, I very quickly mastered the technical detail and began a career with excellent sales and satisfaction results for my clients. After 8 years of very successful sales career at Deerbrook Realty Inc., I started a new and exciting adventure. I opened up my own real estate brokerage, LC Platinum Realty Inc., in August 2011.  

Do I do all this by myself? You may wonder how I facilitate the purchase or sale of on average almost two properties a week, handle all the paperwork, answer all the questions, meet with new clients and keep everyone very satisfied. The first answer is that I work very hard, but I also have help! I have a team of excellent sales partners, technical specialists and efficient support staff working together with me as hard as I do.




Rob Steel, Sales, Representative
Eric Ni
Sales Representative

After graduating from Fu Dan University in Shanghai, Eric had worked as IT leader before immigrating to Canada. As a new comer, Eric relished his new life in Windsor.  The new environment, challenges, difficulties in a new country, was inspiring him to overcome and rise above the trials. Eric quickly achieved an advanced diploma of Interior Design at St. Clair College and ultimately decided to start a career as a real estate agent. With his strong knowledge of interior design and information technology, Maggie Chen and her Team at LC Platinum Realty Inc. was the perfect suit for success. Eric has extensive experience with various multitudes of design work on residential and commercial projects which allows Eric to be an instant benefit to serve you, the clients skillfully. As a full time Realtor, Eric’s mission is to help clients to find their dream homes, develop long-term relationships and assist in achieving personal and financial freedom. With the support of his wife and love of his son, Eric displays 100% enthusiasm to ensure each client is satisfied. With Maggie and her team, Eric provides professional, excellent customer services that an individual agent may not offer. Being very friendly and kind with a sense of humor, Eric always brings people happiness and enjoyments. People rely on and trust Eric.

Kelly Zhao
Sales Representative

Kelly began her career at LC Platinum Realty Inc. after many fulfilling years in the Customer Service Industry.  Kelly’s energy and enthusiasm is contagious. Her experience and hard work have paved the road for her continued success. She is a problem solver by nature; her keen mind is always looking for a better way to serve her clients.

Kelly's high level of loyalty and integrity resonates with buyers and sellers as she approaches each real estate transaction with enthusiasm and intellect. Her growing knowledge of Windsor’s multifaceted market and close attention to detail complement her relationships with clients. If you plan to invest in the communities of Windsor Essex County, Kelly from the Maggie Chen and Team is a key resource. 

Megan Li
Sales Representative

Joining Maggie Chen and Team in 2013, Megan Li brings a burst of fresh energy and a renewed perspective to the team.  A University of Windsor Graduate, with a Bachelor’s Degree of Finance, Megan has consistently strived for the best of what life has to offer. This positive attitude allows her to excel in today’s competitive Real Estate Market and maintain quality relationships with everyone she meets.  Current and potential clients are Megan’s number one priority and she frequently goes above and beyond to ensure complete satisfaction.

Caitlin Thibert, Office Administrator
Caitlin Thibert
Office Administrator

With over 3 years of Real Estate administration experience, Caitlin is very acquainted with the Real Estate procedure and is often labelled as the backbone of our office. She draws on her Office Administration education and experience in the customer service industry, united with a passion for working with people, to deliver success. With extensive knowledge of web design and various marketing techniques, Caitlin ensures quality advertising for our professionals and clients. Through creativity, great organization and attention to detail Caitlin delivers unparalleled professional & personal service.